Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sniffles - AGAIN !!!

As I sit here with my box of tissues, nose spray, throat spray, hot tea and blanky, I'm reminded of my previous discussions about the common cold and how to deal with it. I'm doing everything just as I should, but I still feel yucky. (that's the high tech medical term by the way).

I HATE summer colds. In the winter you can bundle up, nothings going on so you don't usually miss much, and there's usually something good on TV. Not in the summer. If you have chills, they are probably exacerbated by the air conditioning. There's always a BBQ or get together that you'll miss - not to mention weddings, outdoor concerts, swimming parties, etc... And TV? YUCK! Reruns of shows you didn't want to see the first time and stupid movies geared to people who don't even have body hair yet.

So it's a couple of books, lots of TNT (tea and tylenol), and a fresh box of tissue for me.

So, Bye for now.