Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diet Day 1

OK, started a diet with HCG....not the real stuff - can't handle the shots or the horrible expense of the drops.  Nope, this one is from GNC and is a 'proprietary formula' of all the amino acids, etc...found in HCG.

Figured I give this one a shot based on all the comments I read and knowing that in the past diets have failed because as soon as I stop the "no carb", "low carb", "greens only", "points", etc....the weight comes back - with a vengeance. 

This one actually has some science behind it and being a nurse, I understand the physical 'side effects' of HCG treatment.  They actually make sense.  This stuff was originally given to boys with underdeveloped gonads (hence the name) but the 'side effect' was loss of appetite and wt loss.  In adults, male and female, the same thing, but it also 'reset' the hypothalmus.  This led to a normalized metabolic rate, and normal body temperature.  I have suffered for years from the constant 'hot flashes' that I can no longer attribute to menopause.  I'm just HOT!  If that is the only aftereffect I achieve, it will be worth the effort.

The cost isn't too bad...about $35 a bottle.  The diet is very restrictive (when aren't they?), but balanced.  According to everything I read, most people find it's still too much food while taking the drops.

I talked with one guy, who after 2 months had lost 50 pounds and cheated most days on the caloric intake, but not the types of foods. 

So, Day 1 and Day 2 are 'eat till you're stuffed days'.  So far, I've only had a protein bar (my on the go breakfast) with tea and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a side of beef stick (love the stuff) for lunch.  Tonight is our weekly Mexican night at the restaurant.

My weight today is 185.  My BMI is an absolutely horrible 34!  My goal weight loss is 50 pounds.  It may take more than one round of this system, but it I lose the first 25, you can bet your ass (and mine!) that I'll do the second round.

Starting tomorrow morning, I'll also start to measure my upper arms, bust, belly, hips and upper thighs.  According to the literature, it's not just pounds, it's inches.  This diet is supposed to mobilize the 'abnormal fat stores' found in these areas and utilize them for the energy I'll need.  It's supposed to 'spare' my structural fat around organs and over my bones.

So, Day 1 has begun...wish me luck!