Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diet Day 25

15 pounds!!!  16 inches!!  Today I weigh 174...down from 189.  I can feel and SEE the difference.  And so can other people.  Yesterday, a guy I work occasionally with commented that I had 'done something different' and that I looked good.  Of course, I had gotten my hair done, but he assured me that wasn't all of it.  I told him that I was dieting and gave him the scoop.  HCG may have another customer!  But now, back to me....because we ALL know, it's all about ME! (heheheh)

But it's the weekend again.  And I have a plan.

Today, my eldest son is graduating from WMU with his Masters in Fine Arts.  Due to his own plans, we are postponing dinner out with him until next week.  So, no big temptation today.  Tomorrow, I am planning on grilling - some kind of meat and veggies, and mixed berries for desert.  Again, my only temptation will be portions.

I have 17 days to go on this phase.  Truly, my goal is 17 pounds in my remaining time on this phase of the diet.  But if I only lose another 15 pounds, I'll be ecstatic.  10 pounds, I'll be happy.  Any loss at all?  Still happy.

I have to be honest.  During the last 24 days, I have not been exact in my caloric intake limit of 500 calories per day.  I have 'cheated' with foods that are forbidden.  I have worn the same makeup I've always worn.  I have occasionally used a teaspoon of margarine to saute my veggies.  I have eaten a fruit or veggie that isn't specifically on the diet plan. I have consumed nearly enough water.  And yet, I have still lost weight.  Would I have lost more if I had done everything I was supposed to do?  Of course.  But I would have felt deprived and miserable.  The occasional cheats and tweaks have made this diet easier on everyone, not just me.  One square of Hersey's chocolate did not derail me.  But it sure made me happy!

So, I continue with the plan... or at least, my version of the plan. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Diet Day 21

Didn't do as bad as I thought over my long weekend in Nashville.  I DID cheat.  I ate potatoes (very bad), I drank a couple tequila sunrises (very, very bad) and the last day, I had a piece of chocolate cake (I should be shot!).  But when I got up Monday morning and stepped on the scale, my total gain was 1.5 pounds!!!

So yesterday (Monday) I stuck to the diet and so far today I have stuck to the diet.  My weight today was the same as yesterday (which in almost the same as a pound gained in my book) but I expect that tomorrow will show a loss.

Anyway you look at it I've still lost 13 pounds and about 13 inches overall.  I'm halfway through this first phase which lasts 42 days.  In reality, I should be down 21 pounds or so by now, but previous 'cheats' and my trip have put the kabosh on that.  So, I have 21 days to go on this phase and my plan is to lose the 20-21 pounds I should lose.  That would be a total of 33-34 pounds which would be a total victory to anyone on a diet.

So as of today, I weigh 176 pounds (down from 189) and my total inches lost is 13.75.  My pants are loser, I have to use the second set of hooks on my bra and my watch moves on my wrist.

Do I miss soda?  Oh yeah.  Do I miss ice cream?  Definately.  Can I do without them?  YES.

Onto the second half of my journey with success in my sights!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Diet.....on the Road!

OK - this is NOT working!  Everywhere I go, there is food.  Usually not what is 'on' my diet. 

Last night, nothing, not one single thing, on the menu in the restaurant at the hotel was even remotely close to my list of diet foods.  Even only eating small portions, the foods were all wrong.  Today, we had a provided breakfast.  The best I could do was a small yogurt and some coffee.  Everything else was fried, gravied or just plain carb-heavy.  I drank coffee with sugar, because I can't have nutrasweet and they didn't have any Spenda. 

There was a midmorning snack - muffins! 

Then lunch was a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoe (ok, that's better) with a pasta salad that I didn't eat and a huge piece of cake.  I only ate half - hey, it was wonderful! 

Then there was a midafternoon snack - cheese, crackers, fruit and cookies!  Had to have a couple of bites as I needed brain food by that time.  At least, so far, I'm not hungry enough for dinner.  But I did have two tequila sunrises.  OJ's good for me, right?

Nurses are closely related to pirrhana - we'll eat just about anything that isn't nailed down.  How do you think I got this fat in the first place!!??!! 

So, even though I am really trying, and I'm still taking my HCG drops, I'm pretty sure that there will be no weight loss this weekend - I'm just hoping I don't gain back too much.

On the bright side, one of my fellow students is now on the maintenence phase of the HCG diet.  She's lost a total of 35 pounds.  She's waiting the 6 weeks to start up again.  She told me that her biggest mistake the second time she went through the plan, she didn't drink enough water, so her weight loss was minimal.  The first time she went through it, she did lose the 1 pound per day.  The second time, it was about a pound every 3-4 days.  So it does work and she is the third person I've met who had done it and done it well. 

There IS hope for me - after this weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diet Day 16

As of today, I am down 13 pounds but I'm just a little depressed.

I got new batteries for the digital scale and realized that my old analog was really, really wrong.  So even though I am down 13 pounds, my actual weight is higher than I thought I had started at!  The last time I went to the doctor (and we all know that their scales are messed up!) I weighed 189.  When I got on my old scale a month later (after giving up soda and a few other things) I weighed 170.  I figured that was probably wrong, but I could justify starting at that number because that's what my scale told me.  So a few days ago, I bought batteries for the digital scale and I weighed 176!

I have to admit it threw me into a bit of a funk.  In response, I cheated on the diet all weekend, gained two pounds and then, feeling bad about that, got serious again.  This morning I am back at 176 - still on overall loss of 13 pounds and I've also lost about 10 inches overall.  That's still an accomplishment.  I'm still pretty proud of myself. 

Now the next test.  I'm going on a business trip - leaving today and returning home Sunday night.  Sticking to the diet will be difficult at best.  I'll need to really watch my portions and calories as I may not be able to follow the strict food type restrictions.  I also won't have a scale, but I'm taking my tape measure.  So Monday morning, I should have lost 4 pounds or so.  I'll be thrilled it I don't gain!

So, wish me luck, say a prayer and maybe I'll be able to lose a few pounds - oh, and pass this certification test that I'm going to Nashville to take!  Certification means a bonus and a raise - if I pass!  That would be a really good outcome and may even make me happier to be on this diet.

Update to come next Monday....till then, fingers crossed.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Diet Day 10

Ten days.  So far......................very good!

As of this morning, I am down a total of 11 pounds, and 8.5 inches.  I feel good.  People tell me than can tell I'm losing weight because my face looks a little thinner.  My watch is looser and my pants aren't super tight.

Occasional cravings aside, I'm not that hungry.  Today, for lunch, I ate about 2 cups loose pack fresh spinach with a little diced red onion, 4 oz of roast chicken and 1/2 a large orange cut up.  It made a wonderful salad!  Tonight's dinner is going to be grilled steak with onion and garlic, some celery and cucumber, strawberries with the other half of that orange will be my desert.

Last night I diced up an apple and sauteed it with cinnamon and spenda - Apple Pie without the crust!  It was wonderful.

I have some new ideas and I'm looking forward to shopping tomorrow for some healthy ingredients to whet my appetite.

Now it's not all sunshine and roses, though.  Hubby is trying so hard not to 'tempt' me that he's feeling deprived.  I told him that I can always find something to eat, even if it means a small cheat.  Controlling the portions and keeping to the types of food I'm allowed can be difficult but not impossible.  In fact, we're eating out on Sunday at my favorite restaurant and I plan on having fish and veggies and I'm sure that it will be delicious. 

I am excited and encouraged so far.  I think this diet will work and that I'll be able to maintain my weight when I'm done.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Diet Day 7

One whole week! 
I haven't killed anyone.
I haven't binged on ice cream. 
I'm not starving to death.

But today was a bit depressing.  My weight was the same this morning.  BUT, I'm down another inch.  And today, I am a little hungry.  Not horrible, but enough that I noticed it.  So, I ate some fresh strawberries.  That worked just fine.

My dinner tonight was a 4 oz steak, grilled with seasoning, 2 cups spinach seared with red onions and garlic, 1/2 a flat bread and a small bowl of strawberries. Now, I'm full!

One more nice side effect - no IBS symptoms!  I know that may be TMI but really, this is wonderful! 

So, Inches Lost Tally is 6 and Weight Lost Tally is 7 lbs.  And I feel GOOD!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Diet Day 5

So I cheated. 

Yep, went out with friends and had BBQ Chicken pizza and pub fries.  Only ate about 1/3 what I normally would, but I was stuffed!  I was willing to pay the piper - my total weight loss was 4 pounds yesterday morning.

This morning, I got on the scale.  Then I got off.  Then I got back on.  I called my husband into the room to read the scale...I had LOST another 2 pounds!  As of yesterday, my total inches lost was 5.  This morning I had lost another inch!!

Thus far, my Inches Lost Tally is 6 and my Pounds Lost Tally is 6.  And this morning I noticed my wedding rings move on my finger.  Amazing.  Just amazing.

Today I'll be good - even though we're going to a grad party with a pig roast.  I can have 4 oz of pork and they are sure to have a veggie tray and fruit.  I'll be able to stick to my diet without insulting my hosts.

Time for my coffee.  I just couldn't wait to post this!


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Diet Day 3

I recalabrated the scale yesterday.  Instant 15 pound wt loss!  Doubt it but I'm going to use the scale as is - it's an old analog with the little wheelie thingee that you use to line up the 0 with the line.  So last night it said I weigh 170 pounds.  I'm good with that....still too heavy but good for the ego.

Now the measurements from this morning were just plain ugly.  Rather than actually post my measurements, I'm going to track the total and report the overall increase or decrease.  My weight, I'll post.

Today started the actual food restrictions.  It's a mere 500 or so calories a day.  The hardest part for me is that I'm not hungry! 

This morning I had a cup of tea.  That's not unusual for me.  Lunch was about 4 oz of ham on 1/2 a flat bread, grilled in a non-stick pan.  Also, 1/2 a tomato and an apple.  And water to drink.

Tonight was 4 oz of talapia seared with citrus seasoning, 2 cups of asparagus with onion, 1/2 piece of flatbread and a small dish of strawberries.  Tea and water to drink.

I've thawed some chicken and steak to prep for the next couple of days with salad greens, cucumbers and fruit.  Also, just for added insanity, I actually got on the stationary bike this morning.  It was only 5 minutes, but I'm sure as the pounds drop I will be able to increase the activity.  That is a really good thing!

So, onward and upward!