Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diet Day 25

15 pounds!!!  16 inches!!  Today I weigh 174...down from 189.  I can feel and SEE the difference.  And so can other people.  Yesterday, a guy I work occasionally with commented that I had 'done something different' and that I looked good.  Of course, I had gotten my hair done, but he assured me that wasn't all of it.  I told him that I was dieting and gave him the scoop.  HCG may have another customer!  But now, back to me....because we ALL know, it's all about ME! (heheheh)

But it's the weekend again.  And I have a plan.

Today, my eldest son is graduating from WMU with his Masters in Fine Arts.  Due to his own plans, we are postponing dinner out with him until next week.  So, no big temptation today.  Tomorrow, I am planning on grilling - some kind of meat and veggies, and mixed berries for desert.  Again, my only temptation will be portions.

I have 17 days to go on this phase.  Truly, my goal is 17 pounds in my remaining time on this phase of the diet.  But if I only lose another 15 pounds, I'll be ecstatic.  10 pounds, I'll be happy.  Any loss at all?  Still happy.

I have to be honest.  During the last 24 days, I have not been exact in my caloric intake limit of 500 calories per day.  I have 'cheated' with foods that are forbidden.  I have worn the same makeup I've always worn.  I have occasionally used a teaspoon of margarine to saute my veggies.  I have eaten a fruit or veggie that isn't specifically on the diet plan. I have consumed nearly enough water.  And yet, I have still lost weight.  Would I have lost more if I had done everything I was supposed to do?  Of course.  But I would have felt deprived and miserable.  The occasional cheats and tweaks have made this diet easier on everyone, not just me.  One square of Hersey's chocolate did not derail me.  But it sure made me happy!

So, I continue with the plan... or at least, my version of the plan. 

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