Sunday, July 10, 2011

Phase 3....3 weeks

I started phase 3 last Saturday - Officially Diet Day 36.  I have plateaued at 173 pounds.  I went down to 172 once and back up to 174 once.  I stopped the HCG drops and as of today have started my second week of no drops but eating the same-ish foods at about 1200 calories or so per day.

I'm still trying to decide if I should order the 'real' drops or just re-order what I've been on.  The synthetic worked but not as well as I would have thought.  Of course, I didn't drink enough water and I did cheat on occasion - mostly the weekends.  And every time I gained a pound, I'd have to lose 2 to make up the difference or if I gained a pound and didn't lose the next day, I was further in the hole.

So, when I restart it will be for 30 days, drops to be determined, and I will drink at least 40 oz of water a day.  The calories will still be around 700 a day vs 500 as once in a while, a treat is required to keep my sanity.

My next 'restart' date is Sunday the 17th with 2 days of anything I want plus the drops and then 28 days of actual diet.  In reality, 4 weeks just isn't that long.  If I stick to it, I should lose around 28 pounds or so. If I maintain the 173 I am today I should be about 145 with another 15 pounds to go to my goal of 130.

What's really sad is that I weighed 140 when I gave birth!  But I was younger, thinner to start with and smoked.  I never needed to lose even a pound until I quit smoking.  I am glad I quit smoking though.  I just have to get back the metabolism I used to have before I quit and before the hysterectomy.  Those two events destroyed my metabolism.  Having a more sedentary job the last few years was just the icing on the cake (ummm...CAKE!).

Now that I'm moving a bit more, taking vitamins and dieting, I do feel better, so I am motivated to continue.  Besides that, I can't wait to see my doctor in October and see his look of surprise at the new me!

I'll post as soon as I know what route I'm going to take with the drops.  I really hope that anyone trying this will let me know how they're doing.  All comments appreciated!

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